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Sometimes Titles Are Hard To Invent

This past week was an encouraging week on campus.  We were doing surveys at Long Beach, but doing follow-up at Fullerton.  I had a conversation with a sophomore student at Fullerton on Tuesday.  This student told me about struggling in her faith last year because of the science classes she was taking.  I can absolutely relate to that kind of challenge because of my own struggles at OU.  This student desired to grow in her faith.  The appointment just reminded me of why we do things like surveys– it’s so that we can have appointments with students like this young woman.  If someone isn’t on the college campus pursuing students, when their faith is attacked or forgotten in the midst of busyness, no one is there to fight for them and with them.

We are hoping for a lot to happen this year with no guarantee that anything will happen.  It’s easy to begin to measure success in numbers.  But as I sat across from this student on Tuesday, I was impressed with the conviction that if just she is built up in her faith and chooses to walk with God for a lifetime, then our labor was not in vain.

On a lighter note, I finally made it to a Walmart!  What a sight for sore eyes.  I felt right at home.

This is the Walmart in downtown Long Beach, where my post office box is.  I thought it would be a good idea to walk there.  I was vastly wrong!  I thought it might be a 25 minute walk.  One hour later, I collapsed on the bench outside the store.  I won’t be doing that walk again.

This is me, enjoying the best plum I have yet tasted.  La mejor ciruela de mi vida!  Sandy and I had Spanish Hour, which was vastly entertaining.

And finally, today I found this at the store:

Such a rare find!  Most of you may not appreciate this, but I know Gigi will 😉

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