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But We’re Gypsies in the Palace

and we’ve got it all tonight!
-Jimmy Buffett

I’m really thankful for the goodness of my life.  One of the silliest realities of my story, is that, for better or worse, the music of my childhood is Jimmy Buffett.  And I kind of like this oddity.  There is nothing that cheers me up like hearing a JB song, no matter the song, no matter what I’m feeling, those songs feel like home.  The songs are like a fantasy world that he’s created, where pirates and gypsies are still alive, where dolphins speak and the whole world is a Caribbean island.  But it’s also a place of poetry and great depth of insight and emotion.  It’s a place where all are welcome, all find their stories immortalized in a song.

My response to Jimmy Buffett involves a lot more than his music.  I think it feels like home, not because of an intrinsic quality to his music, but because it was on while my dad drove us to school, and it was on at the lake, and it was on while my mom drove us to soccer practice.  It’s the language my brother and I both speak.

And all I’m saying, is that today, I’m really thankful to be living.  I’m really thankful that my life so far has been complex and strange, and that it has been mine.

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