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Sandy:  “You’re a star.”

Me:  “I don’t know what to do with that.”

Sandy:  “You can twinkle.”

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Yellow Is

Sometimes I free write on small white legal pads from Office Depot.  Here’s something I wrote during summer project:

Yellow is pulsing and alive.  It floats through rooms, catching dust in its beam.  It glows in deep dark forests.  Yellow is alive!  Yellow is laughter and friendship.  It is the laughter of my King, my Brother, my Redeemer who sweeps me up and makes me laugh and who sees no stain in me, His child.  Yellow is hope, more personal than white.  Yellow is friendship, an aura around me stroking my arms and my face, holding my hands so that I know I am there.  Yellow is the actual warmth of friendship, of bodies near to one another.  Yellow is the night that bleeds into morning.  Yellow is Sabbath.  Yellow is the strangeness of blood spilled out running over the world and bringing life, not death and fear.

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