a soul

and what a soul is
I believe we will never quite know
though we play at the edges of knowing

I’ve written before about that poem, and today I’m thinking about what my soul might look like.  I believe it might be like this rose, with pink tips, a glowing white center, and layers and layers of petals, each complicated and imperfect.  It is, at least, most like a flower because the general motion of my life has been unfolding.  Not onward or downward, not a spiral or a flight, but an unfolding.

When a rose blooms, she gives more–more fragrance, more color, more beauty–and she receives more from the world around her–heat, insects, lingering fingers and noses pressing in to breathe in her loveliness.

I hear my walls crumble and I feel my petals unfolding, like muscles relaxing.  I believe this is good.  I am surprised to find vulnerability so sound.  I want to keeping going.  I will trust this process because my eyes are captured by Who they see.

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One thought on “a soul

  1. from the panera booth


    “I want to keep going” – you are choosing the best part…

    unfold you will

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