The Day After

I’m pretty much an ink snob.  I only like to use uniball vision fine tip black ink pens.  But over the course of my years, my snobbery has taken different forms.  It began in junior high with the help and co-snobbery of my friend Lauren.  (Lauren also hated to see mess-ups on a piece of paper.  She would write an entire note–because what else were we writing in junior high?–mess up at the bottom, dramatically tear the whole sheet out of her spiral notebook, crumple it up and throw it over her shoulder, then begin again.  Interestingly, Lauren didn’t end up on the stage.  She’s a kindergarten teacher, which, I suppose, is a stage of another sort.  But I digress.)

Remember sparkle gel pens?

Remember sparkle gel pens.
Remember sparkle gel pens!

Hm, punctuation.  In junior high, all the girls had a variety of pastel-colored gel pens, which also sparkled.  They were metallic.  And they were fabulous.  (As a side note, the silver and gold pens never worked.  Why was that?)  These pens took schools across mid-America by such a storm that teachers had to make special announcements about them:  “Do NOT use pink or yellow gel pens on your homework.  I cannot read it and you will get an incomplete.”  Some even mentioned the pens, indirectly of course, in their syllabi:  All coursework must be done in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY!  We all knew Mrs. Seventh Grade English didn’t want to read about whether the lady or the tiger came out of the door in our metallic green glo pen.  Lame!

I haven’t thought about those gel pens in a long time.  I’m pretty sure I have a box full of notes all folded to look like origami puzzles under my bed… I wonder if I could still read those sparkle-full notes, who saw what in the hallway after sixth period.

Well, on this twenty-sixth day of December in the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven, I find myself the happy owner once again of six metallic gel pens.  I have pink, reddish pink, gold, yellowish gold, green and light pink.  I just wrote my to-do list with green.

I don’t have any insights or epiphanies about these pens.  I just wanted to voice my thoughts.  Do you remember sparkle gel pens?  What was your favorite color?

P.S. I’m pretty much an ink snob now.  I only like the use black uniball vision fine tip pens.

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2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Kirsten

    this speaks to me in so many ways! i love you friend 🙂

  2. Kate Hutchison

    I’m loving reading your thoughts & insights! Thanks for the laugh this afternoon – I absolutely do remember the sparkle gel pens, and purple was always the best:)

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