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Closet Blogging

So, I’m new to the world of blogging.  I really did not want to blog about how I am new to blogging, but here I am.  I decided that before I told anyone the address of this blog (p.s. I don’t even like the word “blog”.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to use wordpress instead of blogspot.  So I need to call it something different.  I guess I could use the obvious… collectively, this is my wordpress and individually they are posts.

Yep. I like it.  “WordPress” makes me think of a printing press, which makes me think of a dusty room where lots of important thoughts are processed and made available to the world.  And “posts” makes me think of mail, which I love.  “Blog” makes me think of “blah” and “blarf” and meaningless word vomit in general.  End very long parenthesis now.)

Anyway, I decided to get my feet wet and write several blogs posts before I made this public.  So for now, I am a closet-blogger.  I have had many ideas for posts, but haven’t written them yet.  Maybe I will later.  I sound like I’m talking to myself … gross.  Oh well, I may as well get it out of my system.  There are three things I want to write about soon:  Tragedies, Craft Fairs and Eight-Year Olds.

Is it dumb, or does it breach blog-etiquette, to make more than one post per day?

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The First One

One of my very favorite songs is Come Thou Fount.  It is a wonderful old hymn about a believer seeking God, and being always more conformed to Him and His will.  You’ve probably heard it:  Come thou Fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing Thy grace.  Streams of mercy never ceasing call for songs of loudest praise.

But the line I love most is: Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. It is so plaintive, so raw and uncensored.  I think the power of music or song comes from its ability to sometimes align perfectly with the human soul.  And this line always seems to have come from me.  I could have written it, in that it is that true to what I feel.

Another song gets into this by asking, Who am I? That the bright and morning star would choose to light the way for my ever-wandering heart?

It’s three things.  I love God.  I constantly wander away from Him.  I know it, and what greater pain is there than to be aware of your own tendency to run away from the one who knows you best and loves you most?  Maybe it’s four.  He still lights the way.  “The Lord my God illumines my darkness!” (Psalm 18:28).  It’s the relentless grace of God in the midst of my persistent drifting.

So my title is about all of that.  It was Tolkien who said, “Not all who wander are lost.”  I’m not lost, but often wandering like a curious child or a distracted student.

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